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Memory Foam Mattress, maximum quality and comfort. Its nucleus of four independent modules, is ergonomically designed with variable height and profiles in order to optimize the rest quality.

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Its first module is 100% memory foam IKON soya (ecological and non-transgenic). Maximum outline thickness of 7 cm. Total height ±25 cm. This memory foam material, used in the medical field, reduces up to four times night-time movement. Doesn't contain CFC and meets the criteria of the German sanitary certifiate HYG-CEN ( Its second layer is characterized by its dynamic firmness in order to reduce the night-time micro-movements, mostly in sleep phases 1 and 2. The support bases grant the mattress its perfect resistance and durability.

Coated with Velour fabric, very nice and silky to the touch. Quality assurance Oeko-tex Certificate Confidence in Textiles. Made in Spain

Data sheet
Core2 a 7 cm Memory Foam
Anti-dustmite finishYes, sanitized finish
Confidence in TextilesYes
Ok ReachYes
Natural CottonYes

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