Belnou offers a wide variety of memory foam pillows. With core, fabric and exclusive finish. We have micro-fibre, and with the best fiber filling with nice feather touch. Pillows with quality certificate Oeko-tex and Made in Spain.

  • Memory Foam gel nucleus with great lightness, softness and sponginess. Doesn't produce any kind of pressure. Its nucleus absorbs and dispels heat with soft and fim adaptability. Double washable case and elastic Stretch Air fabric. Ecological Oeko-tex Certificate Confidence in Textiles. Made in Spain.

  • Micro-fiber touch Pillow. Special Velour case very soft to the touch. Belnou edge in maroon. Washable in washing machine. Medium firmness. Quality assurance. Oeco-tex certificate Confidence in Textiles. Made in Spain.

  • Memoty Foam Pillow. Two faces with two diffrent reception sensations. Visco Soft face with Silver 3D fabric. Perspirable micro-porous light memory foam, transmits a special softness and sponginess, dispelling heat and humidity. Traditional memory foam face with Stretch Air fabric and 50kg/m3 nucleus.

  • Memory Foam Pillow. The Gold Ceramic fabric absorbs body energy, returning it in infra-red energy. Helps to improve the sleep quality, reducing arterial pressure and favouring body termo-regulation. According to a scientifi AITEIX Laboratory study the ceramic thread improves skin texture, roughness, and laxity. Belnou box with maroon ribbons. Ecological...

  • Memory Foam ergonomic Pillow. Adapts to every morphology allowing a better neck position. Exterior case in Stretch Visco Air fabric, washable and with a zip fastener.

  • Memory foam nucleus made with vegetable seeds. Natural and very nice to the touch. Doesn't produce odours, doesn't contain toxic products or CFCs. Quality assurance Oeko-tex certificate Confidence in Textiles.

  • Memory Foam travel pillow with exclusive washable velour 100% sheared cotton exterior case with extra-soft touch. The best quality, with viscoelástic nucleus. Anti-dustmites.

  • Memory Foam nucleus with holes for perfect ventilation and free air circulation. Ultra fresh and higienic pillow. Medium softness, recomended to sleep on your back or side.

  • Memory Foam and micro-fibre nucleus. With the mamory foam adaptability and microfibre smoothness. Pillow casa 100 % cotton, sides in 3D fabric with double edge in maroon, breathable. High fimness. Washable in washing machine. Quality assurance OEKO-TEX certificate Confidence in Textiles. Made in Spain

  • High quality Memory Foam Pillow Anti-dustmites. Exclusive Velour 100% cotton fabric extra soft, edged in maroon. Anti- dustmites finish Sanitized scientifially tested with permanent protection against mites, bacteria and fungal grow. Quality assurance Oeko-tex certificate Confidence in Textiles. Made in Spain.

  • Pillow stuffed with micro-fiber of the maximum quality, which provides incomparable down touch and comfort. Exclusive fabric with jacquard cotton and double edge in maroon.

  • Memory Foam pillow. Provides maximum comfort, relaxing neck and shoulder muscles. Exclusive Belnou external case with zip in extra soft Velour 100% cotton. Anti-dustmites